Sunday, August 12, 2012

2k12 Splinter

(Pictures to come)

When I was first going to get the new Nick figures I had only planed to get two originally, Raph and Splinter. They have always been my favorite characters and I think they go really well together. Then when I got to the store I threw caution to the wind and got them all. However Splinter was still the second one I opened.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared by the early pictures we had seen of him. He does look a little like a lama in the pictures. That with the fact he is taller then normal makes him stand out.  He is definitely unique.

Paint Apps / Sculpting

Splinter isn’t painted, as much as he is molded I’d say. A maroon kimono that is a softer plastic then the rest of the figure covers the majority of this figure. Anything that is covered by his kimono they left the grey plastic color. So really the only things with any paint on them are his hands and face.

His lower arms use the grey plastic for his wraps and pinkish peach for his hands. The wraps look good and they put nails on his fingers so it was a nice touch of sculpting.

Splinters face is a white color over a redish brown and black. They highlight his eyes by having a black pattern over the white of the face. It looks like they were almost going for a feudal Japan mask.  They also gave him one of those little wispy beards like you see in kung fu movies. A very nice touch.

His ears have some nicks out of them, which adds a nice touch. The only problem is that both ears have them in the exact same place.


Like the majority of this line this figure suffers from bad articulation. His head spins, his shoulders are on a ball joint so they rotate and go up and down, his elbows rotate, and his hips move. However the clunky kimono hinders the hip movement.

Final thoughts

He looks really nice with the Turtles and April. Splinter is a solid offering from this line and definitely worth picking up. He is more a display type of figure I would say as opposed to a play figure. I have a feeling we will see a retooled Splinter down the line.

He isn’t my favorite Splinter, that would be the CG, but he is far from my least favorite. Looking at you TNM Splinter. Anyway. He is a good figure and if you’re a collector get him, if you’re not you can hold out.

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