Monday, August 27, 2012

IDW #13

I know I'm a little behind on reviewing this issue as it came out last Wednesday, but as I have lost my job it is a little harder for me to have extra money. I'm not entirely sure how I'll be getting April's issue this coming week. But this blog isn't about my money trouble. So on to the TMNT!

Issue #13, wow the first official book of year two. I have to admit I was a little skeptical when the book launched that we would make it a full year. I've enjoyed the series from the get go. Waiting impatiently for each new issue. This issue was really an interesting book to wait for, for a couple different reasons. The first being that it saw a change in artist. Duncan left the title on #12 and Kuhn took over here. The second was it is the issue that deals with the guys after their fight with Shredder and Casey's plight with his Dad coming to a head.

Lets talk about the art style change first before jumping into the main story of what the issue is about. It is definitely the elefant in the room. Duncan's style could not be more different the Kuhn's. While cartoonish at times Duncan seemed to be striving for some level or realism.  That has gone out the window with Kuhn. Kuhn is very stylized, drawing some comparisons to Mike Mignola of Hellboy fame.

I had become used to the style of the ongoing and thought the art style fit the tone of the book. Sure Kuhn did the Mike solo issue, but the art fit there as it was more whimsical. But here is a very serious story and the art just looked plain goofy. The Turtles teeth are forefront and their shapes just seem off. I'm sure part of it is the change and once it has time to sink in I'll be fine with it. I hope. None the less for those who have been reading the ongoing be prepared for the change. As Splinter has said, "Change is constant."

The main story of this issue seems to be Splinter dealing with the fact that Shredder has returned also.  It also sees the Turtles acting like teenagers which is a gun change of pace while Splinter worries. Both are interupted when Casey stagers in bloody and beaten from his old man. Raph flies off the handle and heads to teach Casey's old man a leasen. Splinter fearing he has not taught his sons enough heads after Raph.

We also see The Foot in the aftermath of the battle. Shredder is putting Kari through her moves belittling her for not being prepared enough. We get our first hint of how the Shredder returned in Kari's dialog about how she is the one who orchestrated his return. We also find that Shredder is not impressed and will be looking for another second in command.

There is a little bit of Baxter in this issue also. He finds himself awakening in a place he does not know. On doing some exploring he finds a bunch of little brain like aliens in tubes. Krang also revels that he is one of them.

Overall the story is really good for a starting point for the second year. If the pace of this issue is any indication it looks like the stories will start to be picking up. Eastman and Waltz tell a solid story. I can't wait to see if these are a race of "Krang" like the new show or this universes version of the Utroms. Also there was no mention of Hob, and where we left him he looked like he could be dead. I hope not though as I really liked that character.

Anyway I can't wait for April's solo and the next issue. This comic has me coming back month after month.

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