Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Night Shadow Leo

TMNT are coming back into the spot light, and it looks like we may be seeing the start of the next Turtlemania. Comic Con this year saw the big reveal of the new show and a lot was talked about. One of the big things to come out of the Con was the exclusive TMNT figure.

 It was revealed it would be Leonardo in a unique paint scheme of black and green. When the figure was first announced there was a lot of excitement. However it was short lived once people started getting their hands on them. It was discovered that they decided to switch from a figure to a statue. This left some people feeling a little gypped. 

With that and it originally being a Con exclusive it left a lot of people doubting if they would try to get one. Then Playmates put it up on their site in limited quantities.  That is how I came to acquire one. I wanted one when I first saw it, but as I was broke I passed on the first offering. Luckily for me it went up again. Well I have it in hand now and have to say that I like it a lot more now that I have it.

Paint App

The stand out feature of this piece is that paint app. It is the first thing that makes this figure truly unique. The figure is painted black with what is supposed to be a light source illuminating some of the green of his skin. The paint makes the figure pop and stand out. The only other color the figure being the blue mask.

Articulation / Sculpt

There is none. At least not on my figure, but then again based on what others were saying from theirs I wasn't expecting any. The pictures of it originally surfaced it looked like it was just a repainted Leo. Somewhere along the line they decided to remove the articulation. 

However this Leo sculpt is a little different. Unlike the basic feet of the TMNT Nick line this one is more inline with the shows. It is much more round then foot like. It is nice to see the show foot instead of the figure foot on this statue. The rest of the figure looks like the basic Nick figure. The skin has been textured like a reptile which is  a nice detail. He has a few scars on him which is nice too.

My only minor grip is that i seems mine has a paint smudge/scratch on his nose.

Final Thoughts

If people were hoping for an exclusive figure they are going to be disappointed. You can't move him from his pose, but if you did it would ruin the illusion of what the paint job is doing. I think the statue is great. It looks amazing and it is unique. I'm personally hoping that we see the other three Turtles. It would be great to see the others in poses that work together.

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  1. Some love it, some hate it. I'm sort of inbetween. It's not a favorite of mine, and I'm really glad it wasn't priced more expensively. It is what it is: a statue. Glad you like yours. I'll probably (definitely) buy a Donatello if they ever do one, but I won't buy the rest. Nice review.