Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Issue #12 of IDW's TMNT is finally here, one full year of the main book has come to an end. What an end it was too. There is a lot that can be said about the title yet the main thing that always comes to my mind is that it is well done. You can definitely tell the team behind this love the characters and are trying to do their best. This issue marks the end of a year but also marks the end of Dan Duncan drawing the turtles, making it a doubly important issue.

For a year his art work has been the main source of TMNT that we have seen. It has grown from the first issue to the last. Love it or hate it, if you've been reading this title you've come to accept him. It is with sadness that he leaves us I think. I've really liked his art work. Here is to wishing him well on his future projects and who knows, maybe we will see him guest artist on future issues.

Now to actually get to talking about this issue. It only took a year but we finally got a throw back to the original Mirage cover. It is great to see this in another style, and I think it really shows off Duncan's TMNT. It is a fitting for his last cover too. All three covers are great honestly. I picked up A and B myself. Normally I just get one but I couldn't decide which I liked better.

The story of this issue is the final chapter to the fight with Shredder and the Foot Clan that started in the Leonardo Micro issue. This issue pretty much picks up where the last one left off. Our group of heros have been taken to the Foot headquarters by Angle and her Purple Dragons so they can save Splinter. Not a lot of story happens in this issue, which isn't a bad thing, just a lot of ninja action. We see our four Turtles and Casey take on Shredder and The Foot.

Past basically being one giant battle issue nothing else really happens. We get one page about Krang and Stockmen are up toWe see Old Hob get shot by Stockmen also. The last we see of this mutant cat is he is laying on the airstrip as Krang mentions plan B. So it is unsure of what will become of Old Hob. My personal hope is we haven't seen the last of him.

The end of the issue sees April thanking Splinter for saving her life when he was a little rat also which is a nice touch. Over all the story was told in the previous issues and this was the action beat. We don't get anymore info about Shredder or how he is alive still. That seems to be being saved for the four issue mico that is coming out later this year.

As an issue by its self this one doesn't stand up. Then again it isn't supposed to. This is the pay off from the whole last year. We finally see the fight between these two clans. While it could have been so much more it was great for being what it was. Not a good place to jump on, but a good place to end a 12 issue run, 19 if you count the mini's.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


There was a time when the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came with mini figure friends. One such figure that came with a mini-buddy was Napoleon Bonafrog. This little guy was called Flyboy. I know not a real original name, but that was what he was called. These little figures were solid plastic with no moving parts and one solid color.

I've always been fascinated by these little guys. The fact that they made friends for some of the characters just seemed awesome to me. For whatever reason I've always fascinated with Flyboy. When I was able to pick him up I decided to paint him.

My camera is attached to my phone and is not very good. I posted the best ones that I could. I think he looks really cool. I plan on painting Bitting Bulldog next.

If you would be interested in purchasing a painted mini-buddy let me know.

A look at some of the villains

Our first look at some of the villains in the new show and I have to say I'm impressed. Of course we don't see Shredder's two main mutant thugs, but I expect we will see Dogpund and Fishface soon enough.  This is another great trailer regardless.

This trailer really doesn't focus on one villain but a lot of different ones. It is my guess that it will be almost a freak of the week kind of show for a bit. Which in the grand scheme of things makes a lot of sense after all, the Original Toon did that a lot too. The real kicker will be seeing how many of these guys we will see as action figures.

We have Snakeweed/Stinkweed animated for the first time. Previously we had only seen sketches and know he will show up in toy form. He looks really good. It will be interesting to see what facit he will play in the show. We also have a couple of other mutants. One looks like it might be a spider and another a monkey. I already like the look of the monkey and hope we get a figure of him.

April has her first line in this trailer too. Hearing the voice and seeing the animation together I really like it. It is going to be a lot of fun to see her in action in the show.

We get another Shredder line which is amazing of course.  Really I think this Shredder has to potential to be the best one yet.

The Kraang appear to have two different suits, one blue the other grey. Maybe the color of the suit has to do with rank?

This is another great trailer showing off the potential of this show. It is doing what it is supposed too, get us excited for the show.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Classic Raphael Review

When Playmates announced there would be a new line to coincide with the new show, they also announced they would be releasing what they were calling The Classic Line. This line at launch would consist of the four Turtles in similar appearance to how they were in the Fred Wolf cartoon we were told. A lot of fans got excited for this line.

After all the last time we got “Toon Turtles” they were balloon like and shiny. This was going to be different, this time we were getting a collector grade figure. We all hoped against hope we would not be let down. Some started questioning what would happen if the line did well. Would we see more classic characters, maybe from other mediums? The world waited with baited breath.

When these figures hit it was to mixed reviews. Some loved them while others hated them.  While being based off of the show it also appeared they were based off of the original figures to an extent too. People cried foul, this wasn’t what we were told. Others were ecstatic.

Myself, well I was in the later category. I was so excited with these figures. Right now I only have Raphael but I plan on picking the others up.  There have been a lot of reviews already but here is another. It wont be as in depth as my others, but I hope you like it.


This figure has a great paint job and everything looks great. There is not a single speck of paint out of place on this guy. He is a medium green color which harkens back to the original figure which is a really nice touch. His shell is a rich dark brown, with his belt being just a shade lighter. The red they used is a nice solid red. Very earth toned all around. The scheme works great for the figure.


Where to start with this guy, that is the real question. If Playmates skimped on other lines they over compensated on this one. There are so many points that it is hard to list them all. I mean down to individual fingers move independently of each other. The package states 34 points of Articulation, and it is true.


Being a collectors line this figure doesn’t come with many accessories. He comes with a set of his standard weapon, the sai, and a sewer lid stand. The sais have rew wraps around the handles which look nice. The sewer lid stand looks great for the figure also. It’s nice to have a stand for a TMNT figure.

Final Thoughts

This is honestly a great line for collectors. There are a lot of potential in these figures. The one down side is that their eyes seem to be a little wonky. But over all these figures are top notch. If you pass on the Nick line this is a good second place line to pick up. While not my favorite figures, they are in the top three.

I’d love to see this line continue on and become something akin to DC Universe or Marvel Legends. Who knows, maybe one day we will have a TMNT build a figure line.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Two more clips from Comic Con

Here is another one of the clips that was shown at Comic Con. It gives us our best look at The Kraang yet. While it shows numerous Kraang, it doesn't give much away about what or how they act.

The thing that stands out about this clip the most for me is that Michelangelo is the first of the Turtles to have contact with them. This is very much inline with the OT. In the OT Mikey comes across Krang when they are scouting out the mousers. With them making the nod that again Mikey comes into contact with them first is really neat.

The second clip that was released was the four brothers training and it gives a good look at all their personalities. Plus we get to hear all four Turtles voices. When I first heard the cast I wondered how it would actually come together. Now that I've heard all four I think their voices fit really well, and sound like teenagers.

At first we see Mikey and Leo fighting. Mikey is his obnoxious self and Leo remains calm, which in the end proves Mikey's undoing. Then we see Raph and Don fighting. Donie seems more weary and untrusting while Raph seems like the brother who is kind of a bully but loves his brothers.  Raph gives Don a warning to just put his Bo down, or course he doesn't. Raph wins of course.

Then we see Raph go up against Leo. That is a battle I'm sure everyone wants to see as we have pretty much seen in every version. This time it seems more of a "I'm better and you know it" on Raph's part.
Of course Splinter putting Raph in his place is brilliant. 

Both clips show that the show should be really great. Nick is releasing enough to build the hype. I expect to see more clips in the coming months before release. These did what they were supposed to, it got people excited.

Old Hob

The new opening theme song

Well because of comic con we got some new footage of the Nick TMNT. It is great to actually see some of the animation in context instead of just trailers. So I’m going to post each video and what I think of each. First up is the new opening theme song.

The first thing that has to be said is that the hip hop vibe is a little different. I mean I get that this is intended for a younger generation and all, but this seems to be a little to “we’re hip and cool” vibe. Don’t get me wrong I like it. I think it is fun and a great reimagining of the original cartoon theme. In fact it seems to have the same kind of structure.

Part of me thinks that with how much OT influence this has in it they should have stayed closer to the OT theme song too though. I mean think about it, it is one of the few theme songs people still know today. It has a timeless nostalgia behind it. I think it could have handled it self today with the new generation and gotten some parents to stop and take a look too.

The animation in it is amazing. I’m really digging that they went pupiless in it. I really like it. Now the big question is will the show have times where they don’t have pupils?

We get our first look at Fish Face and Dogpound too. It is a quick glance, but it is cool to see. Dogpound looks a lot bigger then I thought he would be. It’s going to be great to actually see these two in action. I’m down with new mutants and am glad they didn’t go straight Bebop and Rocksteady. I hope that this doesn’t mean we wont see the later two however.

So that is some of my thoughts on this. It’s good, it is enjoyable, and it is a lot of fun. It fits style wise with what the show seems to be trying to do. It gives us a first glance at some of the characters animated and they look great. Here is to waiting for the 29th of September.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

2k12 The Kraang Review

If you grew up in the 80s and watched Ninja Turtles you know that Krang played a large part in the cartoon. When the first live action movie came out a lot of people wanted to know where he was. It seemed a lot of people didn’t know at the time that TMNT started out as a comic and the character of Krang was made just for the show. Well here we are in 2012 and we are seeing this character resurface, well sort of.

In the 2k12 show it seems Krang, now Kraang, is a race of evil aliens that are going to be helping the Shredder. We know they kidnap April’s father because of his scientific genius, that they are hive minded, and they mutate a lot of things. Past that we don’t know a lot more. The different bios seem to contradict each other so it is a wait and see kind of thing.

When I saw this guy online I really thought would pass on this figure. I didn’t have the desire I needed this guy in my collection. However when I was at the store it hit me. I needed him. Not just one either, but at least two.


The figure is pretty basic but that is what makes this figure so amazing. Its straight forwardness in design makes this one of the best Krang figures I’ve ever seen. This time around the android body has a very Terminator feel to it. It gives the idea that these Kraang are dangerous.

Don’t let the idea that I say this figure is basic mean it doesn’t have detail, because it does. It has bits of robotics showing, there are tendrils that control the arms and legs sculpted on. It has some very fine details for a TMNT figure. That is just the android body.

Another great thing about this figure is that The Kraang comes out of its little socket. He is made of a softer plastic that is very squishy. Unlike the Kran of old, these Kraang have six little tentacles on their body. The sculpt lets you see that it is clear they are a mix of Krang and the Utroms from the comics. Both parts of this figure are great.

Paint Apps

There really isn’t much color on this guy. The pictures and animation shows that they will have a bluish glow about them, but the figure it self is more of a base grey with some light grey dry brushing to give it a worn metal look.

Red is used for the eyes, mouth, and a couple little highlights. It stands out nicely from the grey and does work well. But the true stand out is the pink tendrils on the figure.

Now I’m assuming that these pink tube like things are supposed to be the tentacles of Kraang that they use to manipulate the exo-skeleton. If they are they are a great touch. It integrates the alien with the robot making it feel like one whole figure instead of The Kraang being an accessory.


Unfortunately this is where this figure falls flat. For such a great sculpt it has no articulation really. Sure the legs move ad the hip forward and back, and the shoulders have a ball joint but this does no good when the rest of the figure doesn’t move. There is really one pose this figure has which is a huge let down.

Final Thoughts

While it is not certain what role The Kraang will play or if we will see one be the “leader” and have a relationship akin to the OT Krang this figure still looks pretty cool. I want to build a little army of these guys and make a diorama about their lab. I just think it would look sweet.

However if your not a completist or a huge TMNT fan then you could pass on this figure. It is a great figure, I just don’t see it being one many people would play with or want more then one of maybe. Hopefully we will see later lines fix the issues this figure has.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Raph has a pet turtle

There has been some talk ever since it was discovered that Raph would have a pet turtle. It seems that reactions have ranged from "That is a horrible ide" to "It'll be nice to see Raph with a softer side." No one really knows what extent this aspect will play in Raph's character, but it seems like it probably will be like Klunk for Mike.

I like the idea of Raph having a pet. It is something that hasn't been done before and adds something to his character just with the idea. After all he is always shown as being the hot head, brash, and not thinking. When you throw in the twist of a pet, it changes the mix. Is the hot head aspect going to be a game face for his brothers and others, or is the pet an idea Splinter comes up with to get his angry son to calm down?

Some people have thought that it would be possible that we may see Spike, the pet,  become the evil turtle Slash. Now this is an interesting idea but it doesn't seem like it is something that I can see happening. When it comes to this it just is ludicrous. I don't see Raph being negligent enough that his pet would turn on him.

Something I thought about is what if Spike isn't really a pet but a 5th turtle that was in the bowl. That Yoshi finds four covered in the ooze and one not. Taking all four back to his lair the four start changing but Spike does not. When the four see the other Raph steps up and wants to take care of his "little" brother.

Whatever way they go with this I'm sure it will be a fun ride. I don't expect that this will be a big aspect of the show, rather a small little detail that will make this version more rich for being part of it.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Donatello 2k12 Review

Donatello does machines, that part of the song always comes into my mind whenever I pick up a Donatello figure. After Raphael he is my favorite Turtle. When the plan was to get two figures and wait for the rest he was the third on my list. However giving in to impulse, I am so horrible shopping, I picked all the figures up. And I am glad I did because having the TMNT all together just looks awesome.

When I look at this figure I see a turtle that looks mature and wise, a turtle that thinks things through before acting, the sensible one. I also see a turtle that doesn’t take his training as seriously. Which is awesome because that is what we have been told about the show. That Donnie will be the tallest and kind of lanky because he spends more time studying machines then training.


The sculpt for Donatello is another original sculpt. I can’t say enough about Playmates making different molds for the Turtles. I think the only parts that get recycled are the hands and feet.  This makes each of the brothers unique and fun in their own right.

For the most part Donnie has some texture on his skin but remains fairly scar free. He has a couple scratches in his plastron. Yet overall the sculpt gives him a gangly clean look. It fits him well.

One thing this sculpt does not do is show the gap in his teeth. All the other Turtles have their teeth showing, except Donnie has a very serious look on his face. Now if this was deliberate because showing the gap on a figure would be hard or Playmates thought this look was better who knows. I personally would have liked to have seen it.

Paint Application

Like all the figures in this line the paint application on this figure is really well done. Mutant turtles don’t have many colors but finding the right green, yellow, and brown that work together is no easy task. Then on top of that you have to have the bandanna match too. It’s a lot of thought to make these figures look good.

In the past Donatello has always been one of the darker turtles. This time around he is the lightest. The change of pace really works for the figure. The green used as the base is soft green, almost a soft pea green.

The light tannish wraps accent the figure and stand out.  The color is very reminiscent of real leather. Another outstanding choice based on the color scheme.

Donnie’s plastron is a darker yellowish green. This is in contrast to his soft green color and light brownish wraps, making for another feature of this figure that pops. His shell is a lighter yellow green between his plastron and his skin. In all the colors work really well together and whoever came up with the color scheme did a great job.

His mask is of course purple, but nota dark purple like Donnie’s past but a softer purple. Again it plays off the softer color pallet they went for with this figure.


Like the other Turtles Donatello has a total of ten points of articulation.

The shoulders have a ball joint that lets them move completely around as well as a hinge that lets them move up and down giving the figure a wide range of posses with the arms. The elbows also have a hinge that allows them to move up and down and also swivel from side to side. Along with this the wrists rotate. This makes posing the figure a lot of fun, as you are not stuck with the pose they put him in.

His head is on a ball joint so it goes up and down and completely around. Again this lends to some interesting posing options.

His legs appear to be on a swivel joint at the waist so the move forward and back mostly. Yet with a little moving about you can move them side-to-side. It takes a bit but it is possible. His knees are on a hinge and move forward and back with a swivel joint so you can move the position of his foot.

Playmates did a really good job when it came to articulating the Turtles themselves but seem to have dropped the ball on the rest of the line.


Now this is one figure where the accessories bug me. Not that they aren’t painted, because honestly they look fine as just plastic, but because the Bo Staff he comes with is to short. The Staff that comes with April is longer and just looks better. This is very disappointing that his weapon gets shafted.

He also comes with a weapon rack and a couple extra weapons. The bladed staff is actually a little shorter then the one he comes with. Which to me makes little since.

Again they are just molded plastic. They are a darker brown about the color of wood. It works for the Turtle who’s weapons are primarily wood.

Final Thoughts

This is another great figure in this line. In honesty the more I look at this line and spend with it the more it becomes my favorite line. It takes a lot to knock out some of the others, but this line brings the goods overall.

If you are a Donatello fan this is a great figure and you would be remised to pass him up. I would recommend this to anyone thinking about getting this line. Again though I’d start with your favorite Turtle as they are all fantastic.

2k12 Shredder Review

I do appologize for the picture quality. I do not have a camera right now and am taking pictures with my old cell phone.

You cannot say Ninja Turtles without someone bringing up Shredder. Even though the Foot themselves are more of the foe in the comic, Oroku Saki has been tied to the Turtles origin. It could be argued though that what made the character famous though was the original cartoon. And that is a very valid argument as it launched the brand into the public eye. However, that cartoon made the Shredder more ofa bumbling villain then the true monster he is.

Well if the figure that Nick released for their 2k12 version of the show is any indication it looks like we may be getting a very different take on Shredder. Because when I held this package and saw the look of the figure was intimidating.  This would have to be my favorite Shredder figure to date.


The sculpt of this figure is imposing; there really is no other way to describe it. He looks like a leader, he looks like a bad ass, and he looks like Shredder.   Another thing about this sculpt is it is very keen on the added spikes.

The shoulder spikes and helmet look great, the wrist and calf not so much. I mean they don’t take a lot away and do look pretty awesome, it is just that they are quite bulky. I would have liked them to work them into the figure better or made them removable.

Paint App

The figure has three colors and that is it. Purple for his clothes, a grey for his armor, and a peach for his skin. Yet that makes it great. It is simplistic which makes this Shredder stand out. It doesn’t go crazy with paint apps or color variations. It is nice to have a basic figure with basic paint that is as imposing as this.

The grey of his armor has a slight glean to it. It isn’t a metallic grey but neither is it a flat grey. The molded plastic is very close in color and maybe only a slight tint lighter. It accents the purple making it look much richer and fuller.

However there is one flaw with the paint app. I would have liked to see the straps that hold his chest piece painted a dark brown instead of the same purple as the res of the figure. I think it really would have added to the figure.


Unfortunately this really is where this figure falls flat. It seems that if it isn’t a Turtle it doesn’t need to be able to move. At least that seems to be Playmates thinking on this first version of Shredder. He has very limited moving. Head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, waist and hips.

The head is strictly a rotate 360 degree joint. It can’t go up, down, or tilt. He is always looking straight on. This is disappointing because there are some cool posses that would look great with the head tilted.

His arms by far have the most articulation. His shoulder rotate completely around and move up and down. It is the same for his elbows too. Being able to move the lower arm around as much gives some awesome posses. His wrist rotate in a complete circle so it makes holding his weapons kind of cool. A cool feature is the fact that his shoulder pads move so they don’t impede arm movement is great.

His waist is a 360 movement also. Now this would be awesome if his legs could move but alas they only move at the hip. They only go forward, back, and side to side. So Shredder is always standing up straight. No cool crouched positions for this figure.


Shredder comes with one sword and two throwing stars. It isn’t much but then this figure doesn’t need much. He looks great without holding a weapon and then holding the sword he looks great too. The throwing stars are a little awkward for him to hold. Like the other figures his accessories are not painted either and match the color of his armor.

Final Thoughts

For me even though it has some flaws this is my favorite Shredder to date. It is a really amazing figure. I’d like to see a little more paint on this guy but displayed on the shelf he looks great fighting the Turtles.  If you were going to get two figures from this line I would suggest getting your favorite Turtle, cause they are all great figures, and Shredder.

If they do release another Shredder for this line my one hope is that he be a little taller. That seems to be the downfall of this line so far. The Turtles themselves are quite tall and the characters that are supposed to be taller them are about the same size. I’d say the durability of this figure is quite good too it seems very solid. It has some heft to it, which I really like.

So pick this up. It is a must buy from this line. Oh and also his eye is not messed up like the photo of the character. It’s a small detail but it doesn’t detract from the figure.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Raphael 2k12 Review

Raphael has always been my favorite Turtle, so when I set out this morning I planed on only picking up two figures him and Splinter. I ended up with almost the whole set. But that is neither here nor there, this post is going to be about the 2k12 Raphael figure.

My first impression of this figure as I held him in my hands was he looks like Rapael. He is stocker then the other turtles, he looks angry, and the scars/damage to him makes since. I couldn’t wait to get him home and unbox him.


The sculpt it self is pretty nice. This is the first time I can remember the turtles actually having different body molds. It is great that they are carrying that over from the show to the figures. He is the third tallest turtle but also the most broad. His figure shows that. Also he doesn’t back down from fights and there are scar marks all over the figure. Heck even his plastron has a chunk out of it.  They went out of their way when sculpting this figure to get across that he is a rough and tumble turtle.

Like the turtles of the 80s these figures come with a face sculpt of them baring their teeth. If I had to try to put words to his facial expression it would be smiling while grimacing. It fits the figure nicely though, gives it that look like he is ready to stab someone.

Paint Apps

The paint apps on the figure are pretty basic. Then again they don’t have to be anything fancy. Raphael’s skin is a darker green color. He is the only Turtle that has this skin tone as they have made each turtles skin slightly different colors. Along with his skin being a darker green his plastron is a darker yellow and his shell almost a brownish green. These colors work together to form the darker pallet they went with for this figure. And honestly it looks great.

His mask isn’t primary red, it is darker then that. It isn’t quite crimson either though. It is a nice color in between. Like the Turtles of IDW, the Nick toon Turtles have wraps. The wraps on his wrists and ankles, along with his pads on elbow and knee, are a rich dark brown.

The only thing that isn’t painted on this figure really are the weapons. Instead of painting the accessories that come with each Turtle, Playmates decided to use different color plastic. Raph’s accessories are a steel grey color. While it would have been nice to have some detail paint on these it isn’t a big distraction for me.


These figures have a fair amount that I was surprised with. There is a total of ten points of articulation on this figure.

The shoulders have a ball joint that lets them move completely around as well as a hinge that lets them move up and down giving the figure a wide range of posses with the arms. The elbows also have a hinge and the wrists rotate. This makes posing the figure a lot of fun as you are not stuck with the pose they put him in.

His head is on a ball joint so it goes up and down and completely around. Again this lends to some interesting posing options.

His legs appear to be on a swivel joint at the waist so the move forward and back mostly. Yet with a little moving about you can move them side-to-side. It takes a bit but it is possible. His knees are on a hinge and move forward and back.

Overall good articulation for a Turtle figure.

Final Thoughts

After getting this figure out of the package I almost gave up opening the rest. I was having way to much fun playing with him. He is probably one of my favorite Raphael figures, second to the NECA. The detail that when into the texture of the skin and scaring, the attention that was paid to the stitching on his wraps, and the fact that the figure has a little heft to it when you pick it up makes this a solid figure.

If you have been sitting on the fence about the style of the new toon I think this figure could change your mind. If you are a hard core fan of TMNT pick this up, if you are a casual fan pick this up, or even if you are thinking about getting into this line this is a great figure to start with.

2k12 TMNT figures First Impressions

They always say you have about five seconds to make a first impression and after that someones mind is made up. I never bought into that. I mean if that was the case then people would actually avoid certain things or give other things up. I believe it is possible to have a bad experience and from then forth be uncomfortable around said thing you had a bad experience around, I also believe sometimes second impressions can be just and important as first.

The point I'm trying to get at is I wasn't a huge fan of the design of the new Turtles but at the same time I didn't hate it. I just left me with a "well let's wait and see them animated" kind of feeling. When I saw that i was amazed. They look really good animated. Well as good as they look animated the figures look even more amazing!

I bought the four turtles today and they are probably among my favorite TMNT figures ever at the moment. I have to say if you have a chance to snatch these up do it. The detail in the sculpts is great, but the articulation leaves a little to be desired. There will be better reviews of each figure up later. Just kind of wanted to give first impressions.

Old Hob.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trailers for the New Nick Toon

So it finally has arrived, our first look at the new animated TMNT show. Ever since Peter Liard, a co-creator and sole owner, sold the franchise to Viacom in October of 2009 we have held our breath to see what would happen. It wasn't almost a certainty that Nick would release a new show, the real question was what would it be like.

Over the next couple years we would get nuggets of information regarding the show. It would be CGI, the TMNT would have three toes, April would be a teenager, Krang would be back but he wouldn't be a single character but a race known as the Kraag. All these different pieces of news were meet with different levels of acceptance. Yet there where people who kept saying we would have to wait and see.

Well now we have. And I have to say it seems it will be great! The kid in me loves it because it seems to harken back to the 80s, and the adult in me is excited because it seems it will be handling some heavy things. Seeing the designs in motion makes me like the animation even more then I did before.

Here are the two previews that have come out so far. Have a look and let me know what you think in the comments.

I am not Steve Murphy

So as many of you may know this domain once belonged to Steve Murphy. When I clicked on a link on the Technodrome forums it said that this blog no longer existed. To me it was a great shame that this domain name should fade into oblivion. While I am not Steven Murphy, I am a huge TMNT fan. I have been ever since I got my very first action figure as a small child.

The franchise is three years younger then I am. When I say I grew up with it I mean that. I wasn't only exposed to the show as a child but my Dad would read me some of the old comics from time to time.  I remember the very first time I ever heard about TMNT. I was a small child in Cosco shopping.

As a small child Cosco is not the kind of store that you want to be in. Like most small children I started running around the store with my parents getting after me. My Mom trying to get me to behave told me I could pick out a movie if I behaved. Apparently in my small mind at the time it was enough to get me to behave. So when we were done and getting in line I asked if I had been good. She told me yes so I got a video.

I had never heard of TMNT but when I went over to the video section they had a movie that came with a toy. Not just any toy either, but an action figure. My friends had He-man figures and I loved playing with them at their house, but my parents had told me I was to little still. But here was a video with a figure. I had been told I could get a video after all. So I told them I wanted this one.

I got Raphael. At the time that didn't mean anything to me other then red was my favorite color. Yet as I watched that video over and over again he became my favorite. I could relate to him the most. Now if that was why or simply because he was the figure I had that made him my favorite at the time I can't say for sure. However as I've gotten older he has remained my favorite.

That's how I became a fan.  That is why I feel like maybe just maybe using this domain for my blog isn't sacrilege.  I'm going to do my best to make this an amazing blog and do the memory of the old one justice. I hope you all give me a chance.

Old Hob