Saturday, July 21, 2012

A look at some of the villains

Our first look at some of the villains in the new show and I have to say I'm impressed. Of course we don't see Shredder's two main mutant thugs, but I expect we will see Dogpund and Fishface soon enough.  This is another great trailer regardless.

This trailer really doesn't focus on one villain but a lot of different ones. It is my guess that it will be almost a freak of the week kind of show for a bit. Which in the grand scheme of things makes a lot of sense after all, the Original Toon did that a lot too. The real kicker will be seeing how many of these guys we will see as action figures.

We have Snakeweed/Stinkweed animated for the first time. Previously we had only seen sketches and know he will show up in toy form. He looks really good. It will be interesting to see what facit he will play in the show. We also have a couple of other mutants. One looks like it might be a spider and another a monkey. I already like the look of the monkey and hope we get a figure of him.

April has her first line in this trailer too. Hearing the voice and seeing the animation together I really like it. It is going to be a lot of fun to see her in action in the show.

We get another Shredder line which is amazing of course.  Really I think this Shredder has to potential to be the best one yet.

The Kraang appear to have two different suits, one blue the other grey. Maybe the color of the suit has to do with rank?

This is another great trailer showing off the potential of this show. It is doing what it is supposed too, get us excited for the show.

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