Monday, July 16, 2012

Two more clips from Comic Con

Here is another one of the clips that was shown at Comic Con. It gives us our best look at The Kraang yet. While it shows numerous Kraang, it doesn't give much away about what or how they act.

The thing that stands out about this clip the most for me is that Michelangelo is the first of the Turtles to have contact with them. This is very much inline with the OT. In the OT Mikey comes across Krang when they are scouting out the mousers. With them making the nod that again Mikey comes into contact with them first is really neat.

The second clip that was released was the four brothers training and it gives a good look at all their personalities. Plus we get to hear all four Turtles voices. When I first heard the cast I wondered how it would actually come together. Now that I've heard all four I think their voices fit really well, and sound like teenagers.

At first we see Mikey and Leo fighting. Mikey is his obnoxious self and Leo remains calm, which in the end proves Mikey's undoing. Then we see Raph and Don fighting. Donie seems more weary and untrusting while Raph seems like the brother who is kind of a bully but loves his brothers.  Raph gives Don a warning to just put his Bo down, or course he doesn't. Raph wins of course.

Then we see Raph go up against Leo. That is a battle I'm sure everyone wants to see as we have pretty much seen in every version. This time it seems more of a "I'm better and you know it" on Raph's part.
Of course Splinter putting Raph in his place is brilliant. 

Both clips show that the show should be really great. Nick is releasing enough to build the hype. I expect to see more clips in the coming months before release. These did what they were supposed to, it got people excited.

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