Saturday, July 7, 2012

I am not Steve Murphy

So as many of you may know this domain once belonged to Steve Murphy. When I clicked on a link on the Technodrome forums it said that this blog no longer existed. To me it was a great shame that this domain name should fade into oblivion. While I am not Steven Murphy, I am a huge TMNT fan. I have been ever since I got my very first action figure as a small child.

The franchise is three years younger then I am. When I say I grew up with it I mean that. I wasn't only exposed to the show as a child but my Dad would read me some of the old comics from time to time.  I remember the very first time I ever heard about TMNT. I was a small child in Cosco shopping.

As a small child Cosco is not the kind of store that you want to be in. Like most small children I started running around the store with my parents getting after me. My Mom trying to get me to behave told me I could pick out a movie if I behaved. Apparently in my small mind at the time it was enough to get me to behave. So when we were done and getting in line I asked if I had been good. She told me yes so I got a video.

I had never heard of TMNT but when I went over to the video section they had a movie that came with a toy. Not just any toy either, but an action figure. My friends had He-man figures and I loved playing with them at their house, but my parents had told me I was to little still. But here was a video with a figure. I had been told I could get a video after all. So I told them I wanted this one.

I got Raphael. At the time that didn't mean anything to me other then red was my favorite color. Yet as I watched that video over and over again he became my favorite. I could relate to him the most. Now if that was why or simply because he was the figure I had that made him my favorite at the time I can't say for sure. However as I've gotten older he has remained my favorite.

That's how I became a fan.  That is why I feel like maybe just maybe using this domain for my blog isn't sacrilege.  I'm going to do my best to make this an amazing blog and do the memory of the old one justice. I hope you all give me a chance.

Old Hob


  1. I actually took over this blog for a while. I tired to make it a copy of Murphy's old blog, but didn't feel like updating it. I'm glad to see someone took it over.

    1. I thought about trying to track down the old blog and just archiving it. Keeping it around out of prosperity. Then I thought if Steve had wanted that he would have just left it up. But I liked the domain name to much to let it fade away. As my post said I'm no Steve Murphy, but I am an avid TMNT fan and love this property a lot.

      I hope I make this new blog worthy of the name. Thank you for the kind words.