Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Classic Raphael Review

When Playmates announced there would be a new line to coincide with the new show, they also announced they would be releasing what they were calling The Classic Line. This line at launch would consist of the four Turtles in similar appearance to how they were in the Fred Wolf cartoon we were told. A lot of fans got excited for this line.

After all the last time we got “Toon Turtles” they were balloon like and shiny. This was going to be different, this time we were getting a collector grade figure. We all hoped against hope we would not be let down. Some started questioning what would happen if the line did well. Would we see more classic characters, maybe from other mediums? The world waited with baited breath.

When these figures hit it was to mixed reviews. Some loved them while others hated them.  While being based off of the show it also appeared they were based off of the original figures to an extent too. People cried foul, this wasn’t what we were told. Others were ecstatic.

Myself, well I was in the later category. I was so excited with these figures. Right now I only have Raphael but I plan on picking the others up.  There have been a lot of reviews already but here is another. It wont be as in depth as my others, but I hope you like it.


This figure has a great paint job and everything looks great. There is not a single speck of paint out of place on this guy. He is a medium green color which harkens back to the original figure which is a really nice touch. His shell is a rich dark brown, with his belt being just a shade lighter. The red they used is a nice solid red. Very earth toned all around. The scheme works great for the figure.


Where to start with this guy, that is the real question. If Playmates skimped on other lines they over compensated on this one. There are so many points that it is hard to list them all. I mean down to individual fingers move independently of each other. The package states 34 points of Articulation, and it is true.


Being a collectors line this figure doesn’t come with many accessories. He comes with a set of his standard weapon, the sai, and a sewer lid stand. The sais have rew wraps around the handles which look nice. The sewer lid stand looks great for the figure also. It’s nice to have a stand for a TMNT figure.

Final Thoughts

This is honestly a great line for collectors. There are a lot of potential in these figures. The one down side is that their eyes seem to be a little wonky. But over all these figures are top notch. If you pass on the Nick line this is a good second place line to pick up. While not my favorite figures, they are in the top three.

I’d love to see this line continue on and become something akin to DC Universe or Marvel Legends. Who knows, maybe one day we will have a TMNT build a figure line.

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