Saturday, July 7, 2012

Trailers for the New Nick Toon

So it finally has arrived, our first look at the new animated TMNT show. Ever since Peter Liard, a co-creator and sole owner, sold the franchise to Viacom in October of 2009 we have held our breath to see what would happen. It wasn't almost a certainty that Nick would release a new show, the real question was what would it be like.

Over the next couple years we would get nuggets of information regarding the show. It would be CGI, the TMNT would have three toes, April would be a teenager, Krang would be back but he wouldn't be a single character but a race known as the Kraag. All these different pieces of news were meet with different levels of acceptance. Yet there where people who kept saying we would have to wait and see.

Well now we have. And I have to say it seems it will be great! The kid in me loves it because it seems to harken back to the 80s, and the adult in me is excited because it seems it will be handling some heavy things. Seeing the designs in motion makes me like the animation even more then I did before.

Here are the two previews that have come out so far. Have a look and let me know what you think in the comments.


  1. Short but sweet. I'm just happy we finally have a trailer. It seemed like they weren't going to promote the show at all. I'm extremely excited about the show.

  2. I was worried that we wouldn't see anything tell the show aired. It seemed like a bad idea for a franchise they spent so much money on. What I'm hoping for is trailers for the rest of the Turtles.