Sunday, July 8, 2012

2k12 TMNT figures First Impressions

They always say you have about five seconds to make a first impression and after that someones mind is made up. I never bought into that. I mean if that was the case then people would actually avoid certain things or give other things up. I believe it is possible to have a bad experience and from then forth be uncomfortable around said thing you had a bad experience around, I also believe sometimes second impressions can be just and important as first.

The point I'm trying to get at is I wasn't a huge fan of the design of the new Turtles but at the same time I didn't hate it. I just left me with a "well let's wait and see them animated" kind of feeling. When I saw that i was amazed. They look really good animated. Well as good as they look animated the figures look even more amazing!

I bought the four turtles today and they are probably among my favorite TMNT figures ever at the moment. I have to say if you have a chance to snatch these up do it. The detail in the sculpts is great, but the articulation leaves a little to be desired. There will be better reviews of each figure up later. Just kind of wanted to give first impressions.

Old Hob.

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  1. Nice 'first impression' review. If I didn't have a format where I write about the Ninja Turtles once a week, I'd do reviews of all of the Wave 1 figures individually, but I'm going to do one post with all the figures being reviewed.

    I look forward to your individual reviews, though. There really is a lot that can be said about them all.