Monday, September 3, 2012

2k12 Michelangelo

So it has been a little bit of time with these figures being out and I realized I hadn't finished reviewing what I had of this line yet. Figured it was time to get on it. thus brings us to Michelangelo. As has been stated before in other reviews of this line when I went to get these figures I originally only intended to get Raph and Splinter. Then I saw all the figures and had to have them. Out of the new line the Turtles themselves have been my favorite.


The sculpt on Michelangelo is fantastic like it is on all the Turtles. The core torso seems to be the only thing these figures have in common, which is a nice change of pace. He is by far the shortest sculpt out of the four, which we knew they were going for from production notes. He has a a nice playful smirk on his face also. The whole figure says Mikey.


The figure has a nice limish green color about it. The light color they used for his skin allows the rich chocolate color of his belt and wraps to pop.  That is one thing I've really loved about this line of figures is the color choices have been outstanding. This figure is no exception.

Also the light green lets the rich color of the orange bandana stand out. Instead of being a darker orange like we have seen before, it is a much brighter orange. It looks more youthful and playful. The choice of two warm colors contrasted with a cooler brown works well for this figure.


These figures are outstanding for basic TMNT figures when it comes to articulation. Head, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, and knees all have articulation in them.

The head is on a ball joint allowing you to move it around 360 degrees as well as up and down. This allows for some great head poses.

Shoulders are on swivel joints so they rotate freely and go up and down also. They are not hindered at all on the figure by other parts. The arms also have a swivel joint at the elbow. The amount of movement in the arms is great. His wrists also rotate 360 degrees.

The hips are a little tough. They are on a swivel also but are a lot more limited because of where they are on the figure. His knees also have a swivel but because of the large pads on them have limited movement.

Final Thoughts

I'm glad I picked him up. Having all four Turtles it is clear to see the difference in the molds. Plus this is the first Michelangelo figure that to me looks younger then the other guys, and shows they playfulness of the character off well. A figure that is a most have for any TMNT fan. Young and old will both enjoy this figure.

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