Wednesday, September 5, 2012

IDW Mico Series Fugitoid

Well we have another Micro series issue and it is none other then the Fugitoid. This character hasn't appeared much outside the comics tell the 4kids version of the TMNT that was being lead by co-creator Peter Liard. Little know fact is he did have his own issue of a story before appearing in the TMNT comic, so him having his own issue in this series isn't that surprising. However it was a surprise to find out how he fits into this univers.

First things first. This issue was written by Paul Allor, drawn by Paul McGaffrey, and colored by John-Paul Bove. They all did a fantastic job on this issue. From cover to cover it is a beautiful book and an enjoyable read. The story is solid, definitely setting somethings up for future issues in the ongoing. The art is really well done. Only gripe I have about it is that the Turtles themselves, they appear in one panel, look a little off. Overall though the art and colors are fantastic.

The original Fugitoid issue saw Professor Honeycutt become the Fugitoid because of an electrical storm, and then go on the run because to waring fractions wanted his transporter. His whole story revolves around not wanting to help cause more war and he rather hope to out run and get away then take the chance of being caught. Well that was the Mirage version of this character and gone is that origin. What follows below is a review of the issue. It may contain spoilers, you have been warned.

This time around we see that Honeycutt has been conscripted into Krang's service and forced to work on scientific projects to help with global conquests. He doesn't have much say but tries to do his best given the circumstances. He also has a family he has to think about protecting. However when he learns his son sees him as someone who is helping Krang conquer other people he starts thinking about what it is he is doing. The big through thought is "Am I a good man?"

He does finally decide that he cannot continue on the path he is on with some help from is wife. He flees to the Neutrino resistance with his family and his robotic assistant Sal. It is there that he starts to try to make up for his past ways. But like every story of redemption his past catches up and Krang's army finds him. When the building is attacked it goes into lockdown. He can escape, but doing so means leaving his family to die. Transferring his mind into the robot he is able to get to the controls to unlock the building. However doing do causes his body to burn, and his family is then killed as they try to escape.

Trapped alone and in a robot body he flees through a portal to New York. The robot can shape shift and he quickly hides from his pressures.  It is here he can truly realize what has happened. Using his shape shifting powers he hides in plain sight getting a job at where Krang is producing things on Earth. It is also here he becomes an agent for Shredder. His goal is to take Krang down, and even though he knows he is in bed with a devil, it is more important for him to see Krang fall.

There is no indication how this will play out in the monthly ongoing series or when he will reveal his true self to the Turtles. Given that the issue came out now I would guess it will be soon however. It was a very nice touch that they made him Chet, a character that has been around from issue one. I look forward to seeing where this goes and how it plays out.

If you've been passing on the Mirco Series, and I don't know why you would, I suggest getting this. I have a feeling this issue will have some big impacts on upcoming stories. Even if you haven't been following the TMNT regularly it is a great issue to read for the idea of what makes a man good and when does he stop being good.

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