Saturday, September 15, 2012

Our first Art Contest

Being inspired by a thread at the forums I frequent I thought we would do our very own redesign contest here. So here is to announcing our first challenge. The character that will be the first redesign is going to be a simple one I think. We are going to start with the Rat King.  You'll have tell October 27th to submit your drawings, photos, paintings, or whatever else you might like to do.

Here is a link to his Wiki page and another to his TMNTpedia page.

Here are some pictures for reference. Tried to get a picture from all his different versions.

Feel free to take your design any way your heart leads. Go crazy and have fun.


  1. I have updated the post with photo references and links to information about the character. He was a character that first appeared in the Mirage comics and later the Fred Wolf cartoon series. He is slated to be a character in the new TMNT cartoon on Nick. Always been a personal favorite character of mine and seemed a good place to start off.

  2. ahh that king rat, I had forgotten, is that Latin American series do not call it xD, I have something in mind, I hope I do not show it in the sketch difficult and even more in the picture, I'll do my best *-*

  3. I'll definitely enter a contest when it's for a turtle. I can't draw people worth a crap. Good luck to those who enter.